Can God Raise The Dead?

Aug 14, 2022    Tim Webb

The gospel was first preached in Corinth on Paul’s second missionary journey while working with Aquila and Priscilla making tents. The city boasted of an outdoor arena that held 20,000 people and held athletic games second only to the Olympics! Paul’s preaching soon experienced opposition; however, the Lord was with him, and he remained in one of the most immoral cities of his time, equipping the church. Christ's message of hope impacted this major metropolitan city, clashing with the culture's morals through the church's witness. However, their immaturity in the faith would give rise to division and self-centeredness. Paul’s prayer was that they would remain steadfast in the unity of Christ and persevere with him in the exalting of Christ. Join us as we journey through Paul’s letter to the Corinthians!