care Groups

Care Groups

At Champion Fellowship, Care Groups are the way we do life together, build meaningful relationships, grow spiritually, hold each other accountable and use our spiritual gifts and talents to serve others in the church and in our community. Care Groups are where the big church becomes small and we connect with others.
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God’s Opportunities Care Group

Hosts: Rick & Jean Robinson
Contact: Rick Robinson 5:00pm
1st & 3rd Sunday

Forland/Brooks Care Group (60+)

Hosts: Bill & Carol Brooks
Contact: Myron or Pam Forland
6:30pm, every Monday

S.A.L.T. Care Group
(Women 60+)

Leader: Sabrina Horn
2:00pm, 1st & 3rd Sunday

Multi-Cultural Care Group (Mixed)

Hosts: Jesse & Gloria Vela
Contact: Gloria Vela
2nd & last Sunday

Frederick Care Group (60+)

Contact: John Channing 5:15pm
2nd & 4th Sunday

Johnson Care Group (60+)

Hosts: Paul & Shirley Johnson
Contact: Shirley Johnson 5:00pm
1st & 3rd Sunday

Steen Care Group (50+)

Hosts: Nathan & Julie Steen
Contact: Julie Steen
12:30pm (lunch after church) 1st & 3rd Sunday

Schwartz Care Group – (Young Married)

Hosts: Carter & Hadley Schwartz
Contact: Carter Schwartz
4:00pm, 1st & 3rd Sunday

Martin Care Group

Hosts: Michael &
Karyme Martin
Contact: Karyme Martin
Lunch after church,
1st & 3rd Sunday

Dahlquist/Moorman Care Group (50+)

Hosts: Danny & Penny Dahlquist
Contact: Penny Dahlquist
Open, once a month

Chelf Care Group
(College & Young Professionals)

Hosts: Bruce & Mary Ann Chelf
Contact: Bruce or Mary Ann Chelf
6:00pm, every Monday

Adams Care Group (60+)

Hosts: David & Kathy Adams
Contact: Kathy Adams
6:00pm Alternating Sundays

Moschak Care Group (Young Marrieds)

Hosts: Cary & Brandi Todd
Contact: Shelly Moschak
6:00pm Alternating Wednesdays

Klingler Care Group

Hosts: David & Katie Klingler
Contact: Katie Klingler
Different Times

Culliver Care Group (Young Marrieds)

Hosts: Andrew & Cali Culliver
Contact: Cali Culliver
6:00pm Alternating Wednesdays

Anderson Care Group

Hosts: Dean &
Leah Anderson
Contact: Dean Anderson
5:00pm Every other Sunday

Kirby Care Group

Hosts: Josh & Kimberly Kirby
Contact: Kimberly Kirby
Lunch after church,
1st & 3rd Sunday