Jan 30, 2022    Tim Webb

Leadership is vital for our future. The future may look exciting to some, but it may feel like a nightmare for others. We live in a time where chaos, confusion, division, and fear seem to be driving so much of what we do to survive each day. The pillars of our society seem to be shifting and becoming more unstable as leaders struggle to ensure that they know what to do to make life more secure. As believers, we serve a King whose words are true and able to help us stand in the middle of difficult times. His word can lead us toward right thinking for a right response in life. We have a choice! We can act upon the words of Jesus and remain standing through difficult times. The pillars of our society can be solidified by strong leadership willing to count the cost and do the hard work of rebuilding. This series will look at the cycle of freedom and how sharing Christ in society's four pillars can bring hope for our future. This is an exciting time to be serving Christ in our community!